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Tooltrack - tools and equipment management software


The features you need to manage your equipment and tooling fleet effectively

  TOOLTRACK’s functions are comprehensive, scalable and adaptable to your sector. They enable you to list, trace and manage all your equipment and tools, whatever their make, on a single management platform. With your TOOLTRACK mobile app, you have permanent visibility of your fleet. You can manage your equipment immediately. You can access all your data in real time, even when you’re on the move. You’ll always know: how much equipment you have in stock, what condition it’s in, where it is, who has taken it and who hasn’t, whether maintenance has been carried out or when it’s due, you can dematerialise all your technical and regulatory documents and find your periodic inspection certificates in just a few clicks.

TOOLTRACK has essential functions for managing a fleet of equipment in real time.

  • Management of your entire fleet of equipment: unique identification of equipment, tools, equipment, 1 product sheet per item with serial number, characteristics, documentation, history of movements, status, maintenance, etc.
  • Document management for each item of equipment: invoices, technical data sheets, certificates, etc.
  • Management of your equipment kits, cases and crates: traceability of containers and contents.
  • Manage your supplies: by quantity / reference.
  • Management of equipment locations: assignment to a head office, branches, shops, warehouses, stocks, etc.
  • Management of equipment assignments: to a person, a team, a vehicle, a site, a customer, etc.
  • Control of entry/exit depending on the location between which the equipment is in transit: location/geolocation, tracking of logistical flows inside or outside a zone, traceability and movement history.
  • Real-time stock management: equipment location, availability, stock levels, alerts.
  • Inventories in just a few clicks: on-site and remote stocks.
  • Maintenance management: dates, alerts, status history.
  • Periodic inspection management: alerts, inspection reports, automatic generation of an inspection sheet with photos, life sheet updates, inspection date alerts, report archiving.

The management of your equipment, even when located on separate sites, is centralised on a single fleet management software package: allocations, movements and equipment stocks.

TOOLTRACK enables you to track the location, allocation and use of equipment, tools and materials in real time, no matter how many storage sites you have or where they are in transit. This means you can avoid wasting time searching for it, delays in daily operations, lost material and recurring expenditure on replacing lost equipment. Assignment management on TOOLTRACK allows you to optimise the use and rotation of your equipment between teams by planning their allocation according to operational needs.

  • Organisation of the management of a fleet of equipment according to its location and according to the architecture of an organisation: Company > Branch > Location.
  • A company can have several branches, and a branch can manage several locations or sites, to which it can assign different equipment.
  • Unitary assignment of equipment to locations, vehicles, people, etc.: warehouse, vehicle, site, team leader, technician, etc.
  • Add/modify/delete a location.
  • Equipment search filters: by company, by branch, by type of location, by equipment name, etc.
  • Monitoring and traceability of tool assignments and borrowings: validation of entries/exits by one person
  • Planning bookings, optimising equipment availability and rotations.

Periodic inspections of equipment can be carried out electronically using TOOLTRACK

With TOOLTRACK, you can dematerialise your periodic checks and automate the updating of your equipment life sheets. You’ll always know whether the equipment you’re using has been calibrated, checked and complies with safety standards and regulations in your sector. In just a few clicks, you can access the document history, the periodic inspection certificates and the equipment life sheet. You’ll be alerted when the date for periodic inspection of your equipment is approaching, so you can organise inspection visits or schedule the inspection operation and avoid any irregularities.

  • Management of inspections by agency: already carried out, to come.
  • Management of inspections according to the equipment to be inspected or according to a basket of equipment which groups together inspections of equipment from the same catalogue.
  • Mass validation of equipment in a basket.
  • Possibility of closing an inspection.
  • Customise reports and questions.
  • Completion of dematerialised inspection forms, with answers entered and photos taken on site.
  • Enter the status of the tool / enter the next inspection date / enter a comment.
  • Automatic creation of periodic inspection reports and addition to the documentation section.
  • Automatic generation of the equipment life sheet.

Document management of your equipment is centralised on TOOLTRACK

The number of these documents increases with the lifespan of the equipment, and managing them can quickly become restrictive, intrusive and not always well organised. It can even be a problem when you need to be able to produce a regulatory document quickly. TOOLTRACK enables you to dematerialise and centralise all your equipment’s technical documentation.

suivi et gestion du matériel avec la solution TOOLTRACK
  • Management of technical notices, declarations of conformity, periodic inspection or verification certificates, calibration certificates, life sheets, proof of maintenance, photos, user manuals or instructions, technical data sheets, invoices, etc.
  • Each piece of equipment is associated with all the relevant documents: technical, regulatory, accounting, photos, etc.
  • The documentation is dematerialised and accessible in just a few clicks.
  • Document archiving is centralised and secure.

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TOOLTRACK® is a secure, cloud-based tool and equipment management platform that enables you to track and manage all types of equipment: power tools, large equipment, vehicles, technical parts, PPE of all brands and for all sectors.

TOOLTRACK equipment and tool management software is a French digital solution published by RFIT Technologies.
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