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Equipment and PPE traceability solution for the asbestos removal sector

20 Nov 2023 | English, News, Traceability

The asbestos removal business is highly regulated and certified. It requires strict traceability of equipment and PPE, backed up by periodic inspection certificates.

Only good traceability of equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) can help to manage a fleet effectively, keep teams safe and meet the sector’s legal obligations.

TOOLTRACK is a digital equipment and PPE management solution tailored to the constraints of companies in the asbestos removal sector.

TOOLTRACK provides a solution for companies in the asbestos removal sector, enabling them to organise their equipment and PPE management, trace movements and status, ensure the safety of personnel and meet their periodic inspection obligations.

Its functions are tailored to the size of each fleet, and to the sector’s standards and usage constraints:

1/ Multi-technology marking of equipment to withstand your operating conditions:

  • Extremely robust QR-Code labels with protector
  • RFID tags for ultra-fast remote mass identification of contaminated materials, even when packaged
  • Bluetooth beacon for operator-less monitoring.

2/ Management and unique identification of equipment, even when packaged after use.

  • Assign equipment and supplies according to your use case to a location, a site, a vehicle or an employee, quickly and easily, with just a few clicks.
  • Documentary tracking associated with each equipment file: technical file / life sheet / inspection report.
  • Perfect control of maintenance dates and periodic checks.
  • Inventories and stock levels with management alerts for each site, vehicle or employee.
  • Supplies consumption tracking by employee or site.
  • Worksite invoicing data.
  • Exact status of assignments with flow history.

TOOLTRACK enables real-time management of equipment and PPE for maximum safety and responsiveness

No more filing cabinets on building sites, TOOLTRACK® gives you access to all your data in real time, in just a few clicks, even when you’re on the move thanks to your smartphone app.

  • You can plan and carry out your inspection and maintenance operations directly using the mobile application.
  • You improve your company’s economic performance: efficient management of your stock of equipment and PPE, optimising the availability and rotation of your equipment, reducing losses and oversights.
  • You meet the legal obligations of your sector: checking equipment, managing it according to its status, making people safe, monitoring regulations and managing inspection certificates.


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