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Tooltrack - tools and equipment management software


The team behind TOOLTRACK

The TOOLTRACK tool and equipment fleet management software is published by RFIT Technologies, a company specialising in the development of connected IT solutions for industry.

RFIT Technologies is a design office specialising in IT and industrial electronics, founded in 2008, with capital of €401.290

We develop connected and intelligent traceability solutions for industry based on IT, electronics and wireless technologies: traceability of equipment and tools, dematerialisation of periodic inspections, tracking of flows and movements of materials, products and containers, geolocation of equipment and vehicles, on-site and remote stock and inventory management, tracking of parts in production and operators’ tasks, tracking of logistics flows and the entire supply chain.

Thanks to our RFI-smart cloud platform and our wireless technologies, we can connect your materials, products and equipment to make them communicative and collect field data in real time. We make this data available to you on your digital tools (PCs, tablets, smartphones) via our interface. We can also interface our platform with your business software to send information back to your digital tools.

Our real-time traceability solutions give you visibility and fluidity across your entire value chain: materials management, management of logistics flows with your suppliers and customers, automation of orders/deliveries, optimisation of manufacturing quality and all your production processes.

You gain in productivity, responsiveness, budget and customer satisfaction.

We offer turnkey traceability solutions for rapid, cost-effective deployment, but our design office specialising in IT and electronics also develops tailor-made connected solutions to specifications.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industrial, logistics and construction sectors and, if you wish, we can carry out an audit of your needs to help you draw up, refine or validate specifications that will enable you to optimise the full potential of your traceability solution.

Our team

Julien Vinay

Chairman and CEO

Cédric Conte

Technical director, software architect

Kévin Vernet

IT developer, customer support

Virginie Banel

Administrative assistant

Suzanne Boré

Marketing and communication

Our hardware partner

RFIT Technologies is also…

  • A French company based in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region (Valence, 26)
  • A design office with over 15 years’ experience in IT and electronics R&D
  • A patented middleware solution
  • Expertise in IT/electronics, industrial traceability and connected, smart solutions for industry: IOT
  • A reliable team of experienced, rigorous developers
  • Solutions deployed in France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Morocco, Colombia, UK, USA, Qatar, etc.
  • Turnkey or customised industrial traceability solutions for Industry 4.0
  • A technical team at your service, available by phone and email

We develop IT and electronic connected solutions for industry using various wireless technologies

  • Traceability / auto-ID technologies: RFID, NFC, QR Code, Barcode
  • GPS location / geolocation
  • IT project management: Microsoft .Net / MSSQL / Xamarin / ASP.Net MVC
  • Cloud computing: Microsoft Azure
  • Interactivity with objects – IoT : Sigfox, LoRa, LTE, GSM, BLE, NFC, etc.

Do you have an IT project to develop, a need for traceability, a desire to connect to innovate?

The RFIT team is ready to listen. Tell us about your project. We have solutions or our design office specialising in connected IT and electronics will develop them for you.

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+33 (0)4 75 75 98 52

Equipment management software - Management of tools, equipment, and materials in an industrial production environment through a computerized equipment management solution

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Equipment management software - Management of reusable container equipment inventory. Employees holding a meeting at a logistics site

TOOLTRACK® is a secure, cloud-based tool and equipment management platform that enables you to track and manage all types of equipment: power tools, large equipment, vehicles, technical parts, PPE of all brands and for all sectors.

TOOLTRACK equipment and tool management software is a French digital solution published by RFIT Technologies.
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