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Rule no. 2 of good equipment management: allocation

20 Nov 2023 | English, News, Traceability

Once you’ve put into practice rule number 1 of good equipment management, which concerns the choice of marking and the most appropriate traceability equipment, you’ll have marked each of your items of equipment individually, using a QR-Code label or an RFID tag.

Managing the allocation of equipment enables it to be located and tracked.

Now you need to know who or what you are going to assign this equipment to, so that you can locate and track it.

Where or to whom do you want to connect your equipment so that you always know where it is, or who has it, so that you can keep track of it?

On your TOOLTRACK digital platform, you choose how you want to use your equipment, depending on your logistics, sales, accounting or other needs.

Our advice: to keep track of your equipment, it’s important to choose the right assignment.

You have several choices for your TOOLTRACK digital application.

1 – Assign your equipment to a location: if you choose to link it to a facility, a subsidiary, a storage site, a logistics warehouse, a shop, a point of sale, etc., for example, you can assign it to a specific location.

2 – Assign your equipment to a vehicle: to make it available to a response team.

3 – Assign your equipment to a site: if you want to be able to locate it in a work area without the risk of forgetting it, or if you want to be able to invoice precisely for the time it is used or made available.
This is an interesting solution:

      • for equipment used on a one-off basis on worksites and which must be recovered at the end of the project
      • for equipment made available to a customer
      • for rental equipment, for which the time of use and the amount to be invoiced will have to be calculated.
        Being able to calculate the time equipment is made available on site and assess its cost means you can calculate a rental amount based on a daily rate and charge it to the customer.

4 – Assign your equipment to a member of staff: if you choose to equip everyone individually and personally. This solution is extremely useful for :

      • make your teams aware of the need for good maintenance of their equipment
      • manage its status and maintenance
      • making everyone responsible for the use of their equipment
      • make everyone responsible for returning equipment after use.

This will tell you who took the equipment, who returned it and in what condition.

Assigning equipment gives teams a sense of responsibility and helps prevent loss and theft.

By assigning equipment individually to TOOLTRACK, our customers see nothing but benefits:

      • The equipment is paged every time it is picked up and returned to record its output and returns.
      • There are far fewer losses and thefts
      • Equipment is used more carefully, with less abuse and breakage
      • The equipment is better maintained because breakdowns and malfunctions are reported by the person responsible for them.

For the company, the costs associated with poor equipment management are considerably reduced:

      • Less equipment needed
      • Less stock and storage space
      • Fewer emergency buy-outs or leases
      • Lower costs
      • Fewer accidents
      • Fewer site stoppages and penalties for delays.

The advantages of TOOLTRACK for managing your equipment assignments.

TOOLTRACK is a really effective digital solution that will immediately help you to be better organised so that you can track and manage your equipment with just a few clicks, avoiding all these inconveniences and making you more profitable.

Our solution is comprehensive and turnkey: labels for marking equipment + mobile reader + web platform on PC + mobile application on smartphones.

Our team will advise and support you, so you’ll soon be autonomous and delighted with your choice.
Thousands of items of equipment are tracked on TOOLTRACK: see our references…

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